Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3 does not look as good as Dead or Alive Ultimate 2, but there is a good reason for that. DoA3 was made before the Ultimate version of 2, so DoA2U had an advantage. DoA3 does look better than the first version of DoA 2, make no mistake. It contains the same modes as DoA2U (except it has no online mode), but there aren’t as many costumes to unlock. What’s more, they cannot be unlocked through story mode, so I had to look up how to unlock them. Thankfully, DoA2U contains the booster disc for 3 (if you unlock it) which adds extra costumes for the characters and an opening cinematic for the game. Unfortunately, I still haven’t unlocked that. Ein is an unlockable character in the game, and is the only extra character available.

Helena vs. Gen Fu

Helena vs. Gen Fu

One thing DoA3 has that DoA2U didn’t have is cinematic endings for each of the characters. This is the first game to have these (they return in DoA4). Kasumi’s ending shows her running from assassins sent to kill her (which she is constantly doing). Ayane’s ending shows her after she has defeated the boss with his body burning up. Ryu Hayabusa’s ending shows him cooking fish and someone shooting an arrow with a message at him. Zack’s ending shows him going to Vegas to gamble with his winnings from the tournament. Hitomi’s shows her at her father’s dojo before leaving to fight. I haven’t yet played through and watched all of the other endings yet, but I’m sure they are all character related and express something about the character.

The control scheme remains the same as in DoA2 (and stays the same in DoA4). This is something most fighting games have in common, that once they find a good control configuration for their game, they stick to it for the other games in the series. Reversals in this game are handled differently than in DoA2U. It remains truer to reversals in the first version of DoA2, with up/back and block used to block high attacks, back and block used to block middle attacks, and down/back and block to block low attacks.

All in all, the game does improved on DoA2, but DoA2U improves on DoA2 and 3, and DoA2U is a better game overall. Still DoA3 is a good game, and it covers an important story arc for the characters within the game. Ayane is the winner of the Dead or Alive 3 tournament, and she defeats Omega in the end. Omega is actually Genra, Ayane’s foster father, who has been transformed by DOATEC.

And now it’s time to discuss the characters of Dead or Alive 3.

Kasumi is the same, of course. She is still constantly on the run from those who would kill her for being a “traitor”. She enters the tournament to see her brother, Hayate, who she hears will be participating.

Ryu Hayabusa returns in order to defeat Genra.

Hitomi makes her first appearance in Dead or Alive 3. Her mother is Japanese and her father is German. She’s studied karate at her father’s dojo since she was a little girl. She wants to fight in DOA to test herself against others, and her father has finally agreed to let her join. She is an 18 year old High School student and likes sachertorte (German chocolate cake) and cooking.

Zack has spent all his money from the last tournament (I guess he got some prize money from it, though he didn’t win) and enters to get more money so he can go to Vegas.

Gen Fu returns. He also apparently got money from the last tournament for his granddaughter, and she has been getting better, but she needs one more operation to cure her. He enters again for the sake of his granddaughter.

Brad Wong makes his first appearance in DOA3. His master, Chen, sent him in search of a legendary drink named Genra, and so he ends up in DoA. Brad is a Chinese Bohemian who uses the Zui Ba Xian Quan fighting style (which is a drunken fighting style). He likes drinking (of course) and games of Go and the Chinese fiddle.

Brad Wong

Brad Wong

Tina returns and continues to seek fame. She did debut as a model after the last tournament, and now she wants to be an actress.

Bass returns to the tournament, and is now retired as a wrestler. He enters again to stop Tina from winning, and isn’t happy that she now wishes to be an actress and wasn’t happy with her modeling. He wants her to stay a wrestler.

Leon returns, still seeking to be the best for his deceased love, Rolande.

Bayman returns for the first time since the first game (not counting DoA2U, where he isn’t playable in the actual story mode). Donovan is the man who hired him to kill Fame Douglas. Donovan is a member of an anti-Douglas movement within DOATEC. Donovan sent a sniper to kill Bayman after Bayman completed his task, but Bayman stopped the sniper. He has entered DoA3 to confront Donovan.

Jann Lee is back to fight. That’s pretty much it.

Lei Fang is back to try and beat Jann Lee, since he defeated her in the last tournament. She is determined to win.

Christie is another newcomer to DoA3. She is an English assassin who uses the She Quan fighting style. She likes tomato juice and driving. Christie has been hired by Donovan to watch Helena.



Helena is involved again as she is the only living relative of Fame Douglas (at least until another is revealed in DoA4). She was captured by Donovan’s faction of DOATEC and challenged to win the tournament.

Hayate makes his first DOA appearance as himself (his first appearance was as Ein) and his moves are no longer of the karate style. He has all of his memory back (which he lost when DOATEC captured him for Project Epsilon) and uses his Mugen Tenshin style Ninjitsu Tenjin Mon. He is a ninja again, and since he is no longer cripple, he has been made the leader of the Mugen Tenshin style. He enters the tournament in order to defeat Genra. His hobbies are now listed as Iaido and zen.



Ayane is now the strongest in Hajin Mon, and she learns that Genra was captured by DOATEC and changed with their Omega project. Learning what has become of the man who raised her, she decides to enter the tournament to defeat him and end his suffering. She is the official winner of the tournament and succeeds in defeating Genra. So to recap: Kasumi wins DoA, Ryu Hayabusa wins DoA2, and Ayane wins DoA3.

It’s interesting to note that in DoA3 Ayane defeats Kasumi, but lets her go to see Hayate. She no longer seems interested in killing Kasumi, only focusing on Genra, so perhaps her hatred of Kasumi is no longer present. This becomes more apparent in Dead or Alive 4.


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