Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu

Joe, Terry, and Andy

Joe, Terry, and Andy

I first truly discovered the character of Terry Bogard when watching the anime movie that was based on the Fatal Fury games. The movie, though, only had some characters in common with the games and was an original story. There were two OVAs that were done which were based closely on the first two games, but also had things completely unrelated to the games (Lily comes to mind; the made up Lily who was Terry’s romantic interest in the first OVA, not Billy’s sister). In any case, I will be discussing those when I’m through discussing the games.

I had seen this anime movie at some point during High School. When I began college at Augusta State University, ASU had an arcade next to the cafeteria, and I spent a lot of time there. The reason I spent a lot of time there was because the arcade had an MVS cabinet and one of the games in it was The King of Fighters 99′. I immediately chose the Fatal Fury team (Terry, Andy, Joe, and Mai) because I was familiar with those characters from the movie. I loved KoF 99, and I grew to learn about other characters in the game (including Blue Mary, the only love interest Terry has ever had in the games storyline). I eventually learned more about the background of Fatal Fury and who these characters were and how they related to each other. I was hooked.

I ended up discovering the Fatal Fury OVAs at Game Quest and rented them, which was my first time watching those. I liked them a lot (I still do, but less now since I think they could have been done much better) but never really played the Fatal Fury games yet. On vacation in Florida I discovered an MVS cabinet at Perkins and it had Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, so that was probably the first Fatal Fury I really got a chance to play and remember playing. Since then I’ve gotten copies of Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, and Fatal Fury Special for the SNES, a copy of Fatal Fury 3 on the PC, a copy of Fatal Fury on the Wii’s Virtual Console (which is a direct port from the Neo Geo version), Garou: Mark of the Wolves on the Dreamcast (which is a great game), and Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition for the Playstation (this is a 3d Fatal Fury game). I’ll be playing all of those during this blog expedition through the world of Fatal Fury.

Fatal Fury is the name that was given to the series for it’s release outside of Japan. Why? I don’t know. I’m not sure where the Fatal Fury name comes from, and I should probably try to find that out some time. What I do know is that the name of the series in Japan is Garou Densetsu. Garou Densetsu means Legend of the Hungry Wolf. If you read that, then you know where I get my online name from.

Blue Mary

Blue Mary

I love the characters from Fatal Fury very much. Although the King of Fighters games are better fighters than the Fatal Fury games, and more fun, without the Fatal Fury games a number of King of Fighters characters wouldn’t have come into being. In fact, the tournament in the Fatal Fury games is called The King of Fighters, so without Fatal Fury there would be no King of Fighters.

Over the next couple of weeks I will discuss these games and the anime based on them. I love all the main characters of the series very much, but especially Terry Bogard. He is my favorite character from any fighting game ever, and he’s the reason that I started wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes.

Terry and his pet monkey, Ukee (SNK mascot before Terry)

Terry and his pet monkey, Ukee (SNK mascot before Terry)


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