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Fatal Fury

May 10, 2009

The first Fatal Fury introduces us to three characters who will return in all of the games in the series:  Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi.  Terry and Andy are brothers, who have returned to South Town to get revenge against Geese Howard for the murder of their father, Jeff Bogard.  Joe Higashi, from Japan, is in South Town for the King of Fighters tournament hosted by Geese and becomes friends with Terry and Andy.  You may recognize the name King of Fighters frIom the King of Fighters series of games also by SNK.  The name was originally used for the tournament in the Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu in Japan) games, before it became the team fighting tournament.

Joe, Terry, and Andy

Joe, Terry, and Andy

In the first Fatal Fury game, the only playable characters are Terry, Andy, and Joe.  The game does have an interesting co-op feature where two players can fight together against the opponents.  After each successful victory, then player one and two fight each other, though.  This continues until the fight with Billy, and you cannot play co-op against Geese.  The game also includes multiple planes of fighting which didn’t exist in other 2d fighters at the time.  Characters can move into another plane in the background of the stages.

Throughout the game Geese makes comments on the advancement of the fighter you are controlling.  The story, as I told, is fairly straightforward and simple.  Terry and Andy want revenge on Geese for killing their dad, and Joe comes along as a friend.  They fight in the tournament and upon reaching Geese, he is killed by the hero.  Or is he?  (he’s not dead and comes back later, though technically I believe they intended for him to die in the first game).



The actual gameplay is not very good.  This is a game I only play because it introduced Terry Bogard, my favorite fighting game character.  It plays better than the first Street Fighter, but not close to as good as Street Fighter 2.  The game introduces a lot of interesting things to a fighting game, though (like co-op play and multiple planes that I mentioned), but future games would ultimately turn out to play much better, especially when Real Bout Fatal Fury came along (though the Fatal Fury characters ultimately play best in the King of Fighters series, where they truly shine, as well as the Capcom vs. SNK series).

Well, I’ve finally gotten this posted, and it only took me three months after I promised I would.  Of course, I still don’t even know if anyone reads this blog.  Fatal Fury 2 will be coming up next, when I get around to it.



February 8, 2009

And I still have to update the blog.  After talking with some fellow Nintendorks on X-box Live tonight while playing Halo 3, I realized this blog looks like I’m just REALLY into Dead or Alive, and I am into them, but there are a lot of fighting games I’m into more, and this blog wasn’t designed by me to solely focus on the DoA games.  I’ve just had some trouble ever feeling like turning my PS2 on to play through all of the Fatal Fury games, but I’ll be taking care of that soon.
Expect the blog for Fatal Fury to be written within the week.  When I start getting into Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters games, then you’ll really see which fighting game series I’m nearly obsessed with.

Uh oh

December 4, 2008

I realize that I’ve completely neglected the site, and it is now December.  Of course, I also realize that I don’t know if anyone is even reading anyway.  Regardless, I will continue my journey.  I will begin discussing the Fatal Fury games in the next week, as I’ll be done with school and can focus on playing and discussing them.  I hope to pick up some readers by then.  In any case, get ready to hear about my favorite fighting game characters.